How To List Your NFT on Launch Calendars!

Lucky Races has been submitting our listing on some NFT calendars! We wanted to share the calendars that we think are great. If you’re launching a project, the sites below are great partners for getting the word out there!

How To List Your NFTs:

First, make a document answering some questions about your project.

Most places will ask for the following info:

  • Price
  • Pre-mint date
  • Mint Date
  • Mint Time
  • Drop Link
  • Marketplace Link
  • Contact
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Source Announcement
  • Number of Tokens
  • Blockchain
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • What makes your project special?
  • Status
  • Roadmap
  • NFT Images
  • NFT GIF / Video

Then, go to the websites of the NFT calendars where you want your project to be listed. Adapt your responses to the specific format that the calendar is looking for. You may need to trim, resize or crop your images. Be creative if there are word limits and put your best foot forward!

Submit your updated listing and wait for the site’s administrators to respond. Most of our responses came within a day or two.

Once you have a successful listing, share your calendar links with your community and friends!

Asset WIP #6

Perfect for grabbing $sliver, just make sure it isn’t your own.

Asset WIP #4

Really nice place, but the trick is how to get there.

Asset WIP #3

These may look tasty to some, but it may slow you down if you eat them…

Assets WIP #2

This racer escaped from the park just to join our races.

Original Racer NFT Examples

Here’s a few example Original Racers!

High Quality 3D Characters ✔️ 
Full 360 Videos ✔️ 
Entrance to the Racerverse✔️ 

A Blue Shark Vehicle with Green Dartboard Wheels holding a Red Balloon, Driven by Yellow Worm Wearing a Purple Tophat and a Monocle
An Orange Banana Vehicle With Blue Cog Wheels Holding a Red Disco Ball, Driven By a Pink Dude Wearing a Purple Wizard Hat and Groucho Marx Goggles
A Bread Loaf Vehicle With Blue Waffle Wheels Holding a Gold Umbrella, Driven By a Green Planet With a Propeller Hat and Green Opera Glasses

February 2022 Update: NFT Launch Edition


Lucky Races has been working hard and we want to let you know what we’re up to.  The journey over the past six months from idea to product hasn’t always been an easy one – in the midst of the pandemic our team has had to deal with death, moving into new homes, and the everyday stresses that come with trying to create something out of nothing.

We’re so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish: we’ve created the first multiplayer racing game on the blockchain with actual player agency.  We’ve also made 10,000 incredible Original Racer NFTs that will be the seeds of our Racerverse.  And we’ll be selling keys to those Racers on six different blockchains.


We’ve set a launch date for our multi-chain NFT sale, received a grant from one of our technology partners, brought on another team-member full time, added rare materials to our art pipeline, created a DAO that will give $SLIVER additional governance utility, and made it easier to buy our NFTs for those without crypto experience.


  • Original Racer NFTs
    • Launch Dates:
      • Presale Begins – February 15th
      • Public Sale Begins – February 17th
    • First of its kind: Multi Chain Key Sale
      • Selling ERC-1155 Keys on 6 Blockchains and sending the final ERC-721 NFTs back on Ethereum:
        • Sell Keys on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum and Optimism
        • When redeemed, Lucky Races sends the Original Racer ERC-721 NFT to the redeemer on the Ethereum network.
    • Art news: Added “rare” materials to our art pipeline: gold, silver, copper, hyper glass, etc. – having these rare materials will increase the value of our entire collection, since rare items typically re-sell at a huge premium.  And we brought on Tom Donaldson full time to help with 3D art!
    • First-time buyers: we anticipate some of our buyers will be first-time NFT users.  We’re exploring an integration with Fortmatic and Moonpay to give users an option to set up a crypto wallet login via e-mail address and get the necessary crypto to buy an Original Racer with a credit card.
  • Lucky Races Game
    • We got a grant from the Polygon Ecosystem DAO –
      • Polygon (MATIC token) has an $11 Billion Market Cap as of today (1/31/2022)
      • Now we’re part of the Polygon community.  
      • We were also asked to do an interview series with them to provide a deep dive on the team and why we chose Polygon
  • $SLIVER Currency
    • We expanded $SLIVER to include governance abilities.  
    • Now the Lucky Races DAO will help guide the development of the game. 
    • $SLIVER gives you a vote in the DAO.
    • Topics decided by the DAO may be to balance gameplay, introduce new mechanics, or expand to other blockchains.
  • Lucky Machines, LLC

Asset WIP

Sometimes you have to take a moment to smell the flowers. Best to be done after a victory lap, though.